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Go Unto All the Earth

When Jesus came into the world it was to save the lost and bring hope to a hopeless people. All of us were hopeless before we met Jesus and accepted Him as our Savior. The call to go and share of this hope is to those whom He has bestowed this wonderful gift of grace. That means every believer is to go and share the Gospel message right here at home or half way across the world makes no difference.

At Washed by the Word we want to be obedient to all God has called us to so we invest in foreign missions both financially and practically. Each year we send a team of missionaries to Bulgaria to work with the youth in different areas. We are planning to expand our missions outreach in 2016 to include a trip to Haiti as well as our annual trip to Bulgaria. We hope you will come along side us in this effort to reach out to others with God’s love. You can be a part of missions outreach in several ways and we ask that you prayerfully consider how God can use you. Areas of involvement include praying or fasting for the missionaries and the trip, donating items needed to give those we visit, giving financially, or by going on the trip itself. No matter how you get involved you can be sure that God will use what you invest and touch lives with His love.



Pastor Anthony Martinez

In 1991, on his 1st of 24 trips to Bulgaria, Pastor Kon met a young man named Ludmil Yatanski. Pastor Ludmil was starting a church in Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria. Though the church was only about 20 people at that time, it continued to grow over the next 26 years and is now over 500 people with outreaches and ministries throughout the region. Pastor Kon and Pastor Ludmil have maintained a very close relationship in Christ over the years and Washed by the Word is excited to be able to help Pastor Ludmil’s church, Blagovest in any way possible.
Pastor Kon and Connie make regular trips to Bulgaria to exhort, equip, encourage and plan future ministry opportunities with Pastor Ludmil and his wife, Tsventanka. Pastor Kon says, “Our friendship and involvement with Pastor Ludmil and the church, Blagovest, is one of our most treasured relationships in the body of Christ” Pastor Anthony, our missions pastor, is currently leading a team to Bulgaria each summer to assist in the Blagovest youth camp on the Black Sea. This year there were close to a 100 youth participants from Bulgaria! Pastor Anthony has developed a strong love for the Bulgarian people and lasting relationships with the next generation of leaders in the Blagovest church. We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do next in the beautiful nation of Bulgaria!


Click for Haiti 2017 pictures Here

Washed by the Word has been blessed with people from Haiti from the day of our first church service! Over the years, many Haitians have called our little church “home”. A few years ago a young man who grew up in an orphanage in Porta Prince, Haiti, became part of our church family. God has used all of these brothers and sisters from Haiti to give us a heart of love and concern for the country of Haiti.
Pastor Anthony is following up our initial trip to Haitian orphanages with an investigative trip to see where we will best be able to minister to the needs in Haiti. We believe the Lord is leading us to be involved in the orphanages in Porta Prince. We anticipate many trips each year serving the people of Haiti! Please pray to see when and where God is calling you to go and to share the love of God with a world desperately in need of His forgiving and loving touch!